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Join us to a world wide VisUalization from Edda Lorna/Germany

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ONE Billion Rising for Revolution 2015

Join us for a worldwide visualization – 14.02.2015 from 3.00 pm to 3.15 pm!

Or take your 15 minutes of time when
ever it is possible for you.

Imagine a world without violence against women and girls!
We invite you to spend 15 minutes with us for a world in which women and girls are appreciated, respected and obtain justice.

We are a group of women living in Bremen (Northern Germany) and are organising an event in the context of “One Billion Rising”. On Valentine’s Day 2015 thousands of people are expected to meet in
Bremen marketplace. After dancing together we are going to meditate with people from all over the world from 3.00 pm to 3.15 pm CET – Central European Time)

For 15 minutes we will visualize a world in which women and girls are respected and appreciated. For 15 minutes we will envision a world in which women and girls have freedom and self-determination.

We would like to invite all the people of the world to join with us and visualize an end to violent behaviour towards women and girls, as well as the attainment of justice for the victims of that violence.

If the people come together this change will be possible. Visualization is a very powerful method which is used in sports and psychology to reach goals.

Brain research has shown that visualization optimizes certain life settings. If a person is in a difficult or desperate situation and imagines better circumstances, these thoughts cause the body to release special hormones. These hormones give us the power to start process of change. If thousands of people visualize the same thought at the same time, no matter where they are, the results are even better and more powerful.

This visualization is a tool that could give you the power and courage to change your life. Every time you repeat it you can deepen your experience and your power to effect change.
You can do this any way you like, perhaps by visualizing it on your own, or with friends and/or colleagues.

Wherever you are on Valentine’s Day, just find a place where you can join us for these 15 minutes, please check your time zone.

For example: Vancouver 6.00 am, New York: 09.00 am, Ghana 2.00 pm, Indien 7.30 pm, Philippinen 10.00 pm, Buenos Aires: 11.00 pm, Kiew 4.45 pm, Kabul 1.45 am.

If you want to take part in this initiative please send a message to One Billion Rising world wide visualization on facebook, so we know that you will be joining us.

This meditation is dedicated to all women all around the world. And to all men we thank you for your support. All our appreciation goes out to those who stand up for women and girls. You are wonderful. Thank you.

Now it’s time to obtain justice, respect, acknowledgement and dignity for women and girls all around the world.

    1. Instructions for the visualization

Please make sure you won’t be disturbed for the next 15 minutes. Relax and close your eyes. Breathe normally and slowly, in and out. Your body will release any kind of tension and you will become calm really calm with a pleasant feeling inside. Just let the visualization happen. Don’t pressure yourself to imagine anything straight away. Even the words themselves will have a strengthening impact on your subconscious. Trust in the positive power of those words and go deeper into relaxation.

Imagine you are a strong tree. You are growing roots that reach deep into the soil and spread in every direction. You connect to all the other roots you find on your way. In the Bremen marketplace and all over the world, right now we are all connected and are giving each other strength. We feel a sense of unity with each other and are weaving our roots together, to become an amazing, closely connected, gigantic web.

Around the world people are dancing and taking part in this visualization for the appreciation of, and respect for, women and girls. Power is gushing through the earth so you can grow inwardly. Imagine the sun shining on you. The warm rays of light waft down your spine and softly touch every vertebra. Tension dissolves and with the sun on your back you feel more and more supported and stable; gradually, you unbend yourself, and stand upright.

You perceive that every woman is precious and valuable. Symbolically every woman has an incorruptible diamond within her that sparkles. Where is the diamond in your body? You don’t need to feel it just imagining it is enough. If you like that image, sense how your diamond is sparkling and shining. It is an incorruptible eternal power that nourishes every cell of your body. Now imagine that
everybody at this moment has a diamond like this inside them, and is gleaming. Every woman radiates light from within her. She is precious and unique.

Connected to each other, rooted in the earth, and with the sun on our backs we are marching together to stop violence, for a world full of appreciation. For a life of dignity for women and girls as well as for a loving and caring togetherness.

It is our responsibility to sharpen our perception and to sense what is precious and valuable in ourselves.

Now think of a woman you appreciate, because she gives you strength. Who is especially important to you? Is it your mother, your daughter, your grandmother or your sister? A teacher? A colleague from work? A friend? What do you value most about that particular woman?

Now think of someone who loves or likes you a lot. Imagine that this person is standing in front of you and smiling at you and that this person say something nice about you.

Take the words in… What would it be like if you had a magic mirror that was unconditionally well-disposed to you every day when you looked in it? What would that mirror say to you?

Imagine it saying: “You are precious and loveable!” The power of Here and Now effects change. For example: you could write an email or SMS to a woman and tell her what you appreciate about her. It could be just one little thing or several. When we talk to ourselves or others in an appreciative, empowering way and tell each other what makes us happy, it leads to changes in us. It takes practice. Start today!

What would the world be like if women and girls were appreciated? What would their posture be like? Imagine them walking with straight backs. What would their voices sound like? Imagine every woman speaking confidently.

Men support women too. Men who love women stand next to them and fight for equality and emancipation. Men show courage and strength by showing their vulnerable and sensitive side. They take responsibility for a dignified life. Women and men, men and men, women and women live a life of love and peace with each other.

Now is the time to heal wounds. Pain can be transformed. We will go through it together. Many people are aiming for a better world. Go with them be supported or support them.

Right now, at this very moment a million people are dancing and rising up so that there will be more equality, acknowledgment and self-determination for women and girls. Imagine the powerful strength that arises from our connected roots and which grows and grows until it surrounds the whole world.

Please preserve this moment of worldwide connection and rootedness and keep it alive. Also, preserve this deep knowledge of appreciation for women and girls and keep it alive too.

Imagine you are back at home remembering this powerful moment. You are remembering how we stood here together: strong rooted in the earth, connected to each other and with every one of us carrying this indestructible, shining diamond inside. You will always be able to come back to this thought and mentally connect with this community and its strength.

Now, as you return to reality, all of these thoughts are still working inside you. Please take your time to come back. Your thoughts will merge into the now.

Now it’s time to value yourself and esteem others. It is time to obtain justice, respect and acknowledgement for women and girls all around the world, and to uphold their right to a life with dignity.

You slowly come back to everyday life conscious that you are a wonderful person. Stretch and move your body. You are wide awake now, relaxed and full of self-esteem. Please open your eyes slowly.

Thank you! (facebook: OBR for justice worldwide visualization
Anneke ter Veen, Neil van Siclen and Barbara Jakob)

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